Zikr / Yaad dehani (2019)

Aam tor par arabi lafz Zikr ki logon ke zehnon mein wazahat nahi hai, saada alfaaz mein zikar ke maienay yaddehani ke hain. yeh zikar / yaddehani kisi zaat ya shakhs ya cheez ki khoobiyon ya khamion ya unn ke rawaiyon ke baray mein hosakti hai. zikar ke har gaz yeh maienay nahi hain ke hum sirf kisi zaat ya shakhs ya cheez ke naam ko baar baar dohratay rahen ya unn ki gardaan karte rahen.

Isi terhan bhsit musalman hum Allah ka zikar sirf uss ke safaati naamon ki takraar aur dohranay se karte hain jabkay quran aur uss ki ayaat is baat ki tafseel se wazahat karti hain ke kis terhan Allah ke baray mein is ki asal rooh ke sath zikar kya jaye .

Yani mukhtalif halaton mein Allah taala ka kya rawayya hota hai aur kis terhan woh apni sifaat par amal pera hota hai. un sab baton ki wazahat ke liye qurani ayaat par mushtamil Muhammad Shaikh ka yeh dars bohat ahmiyat ka haamil hai .

Ummul Qura / Shahron Ki Maa (2019)

Duniya mein Makkah shehar ko sb jantay hain kyun kay isi shehar mein Allah ka ghar hai aur duniya ke tamam Musalman isi shehar mein Umra aur Hajj ki adaigi ke liye jatay hain. lekin logon ki aksariyat ko is baat ka ilm nahi hai ke makkah shehar ko Ummul Qura / Shahron ki maa bhi kaha jata hai. duniya mein is shehar ka kya maqam hai aur duniya ke tamam shehron ke liye is shahar Makkah ka kya kirdaar hai, Muhammad Shaikh ka yeh dars isi baat ki wazahat karta hai aur bohat ahmiyat ka haamil hai .

Debate: Muhammad Shaikh vs Mufti Abdul Baqi (Urdu)

An epic debate for the ages. Mohammad Shaikh has delivered many lectures based solely on the Quranic ayats which have been received positively and negatively in religious circles around the world.From time to time some of the viewers (who are also well known religious scholars) bring their questions and objections to Mohammad Shaikh in order to debate him.This is one of those rare debates captured on video between Mohammad Shaikh and Mufti Abdul Baqi in an open topic debate format, covering many issues.This debate will show you the some of the wrong concepts which have become part of our religion, and how they are being falsely promoted by traditional scholars as truth (without verification from the Quran).This debate will surely open the viewers eyes to details about Islam that is mostly overlooked, and which end up creating false practices and beliefs adopted by the masses in ignorance

Allah Bashar se kaisay kalam karta hai

Duniya mein insaan ke banaye hue mukhtalif mazahab aur unn ki mazhabi kitabon mein kkhuda ka tasawwur mojood hai jis ko log –apne –apne tareeqon se mantay hain. lekin unkaa yeh khodsakht_h kkhuda uss butt ki terhan hai jo insanon se kabhi baat hi nahi karta. aur uskay maan-ne walay –apne is kkhuda se yaktarfa tor par apni khwahisaat aur tamannaon ka izahaar kartay rehtay hain lekin kkhuda ki taraf se inhen kabhi koi jawab nahi milta. jabkay
bunyadi tor par agar haqeeqi kkhuda mojood hai to ussay insanon se kisi zareya se humkalam honaavr baat cheet karni chahiye jo unkay har terhan ke sawalaat ka jawab bhi day sakay.

jabkay duniya ki mukhtalif mazahab ki kitaaben jo is baat ki dawaydaar to hain ke woh kkhuda ki kitaaben hain lekin is baat ki ba lkl wazahat nahi kartin ke kkhuda ka insaan se baat cheet karne ka kya tareeqa car hona chahiye. lekin jis terhan duniya mein insaan ke banaye hue mukhtalif mazahab mojood hain wahein is duniya mein Allah ki kitaab aur haqeeqi deen islam bhi mojood hai. aur Allah apni kitaab ke zareya hi har zamane ke insanon se baat cheet karta rehta hai. Mohammad Sheikh ke is dars mein isi baat ki wazahat ki gayi hai ke kis tareeqay se Allah apni kitaab ke zareya barah e raast ya bil wasita –apne rasolon ke zareya insanon se hum kalaam hota hai. is saaray tareeqay ki wazahat ke liye is dars ko dekhna laazmi hai .

Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai is been searched for ages, different people have tried to provide evidence to prove the location of this mountain. Also, Mount Sinai holds a religious value for many different religions and cultures. This lecture is the only proof of its location and current condition, why so, because this lectures is based on verses from the Quran. These verses clearly explains and proves its existence and location, we can read and understand these verses and also verify the evidence on ground. We all know the highest peak on the earth or what fold, block volcanic, dome mountains are but there is more to mountains than what meets the eye. Information about the mountains isn’t just coming from the geography books, the religious books also hold some information about these God created gigantic structures. Mountains have had sacred value to almost every religion. Here we will learn about what Quran says about this mountain.

Umrah and Hajj

Hajj and Umrah are part of Islamic religious practice of all Muslims. It is a journey in which every participating Muslim goes to Mecca and visits Masjid al-Haram where the Kaaba is situated. The other places to visit during this journey includes what are known as places of solitude which includes the places of Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah besides Mecca. The rites of Hajj requires observing all the rules mentioned in the Quran during hajj, and the purpose of Hajj, (which literally means “the argument”) is for every believer in this journey to argue against his / her soul / self according to the verses of Allah to bring about a positive change in their character and personality and overcome their weaknesses. The weaknesses in personalities are rooted in the self carved idols based on human emotions, which are exposed by God through Ibraheem (p) from the Quran. Therefore the breaking of these personal idols (ruling our psyche) is part of the Sunnah / practice of Ibraheem (p) and all the prophets, which must be accomplished to be free from polytheism that Allah will not forgive. Visiting al-Aqsa mosque located in Madinah during this journey is also part of the sunnah / practice of the prophets and is performed by all Muslims during this time.

Muhammad Shaikh Debates Pastor Jaffery Wright

A treasure for the students of comparative religion,
a great source of learning for the Muslims to understand the Quran
better, and witness what the Bible contains which is considered
by some to be the word of God.

Masajid / Mosques

Masaajid / Mosques are places of worship for Muslims where they pray in congregations, and the literal meaning of the Arabic word “Masjid” / mosque is “a place of prostration.” Part of the format of Muslim prayer includes phsyical and psychological prostration to the verses of the Quran which are recited during the prayer. This lectures focuses on the Masaajid / Mosques and more specifically three masaajid / mosques mentioned in the Quran, namely Masjid al-Haram / The Sacred Mosque, Masjid al-Aqsa / The Remotest (in time) Mosque and Masjid al-Dirrar / The Harmful Mosque. It describes what can be found in these three mosques, where they are located and how, why and by whom were they established. Definitely a must see!

Al-Kitab / The Book of Allah 2020

For any one starting to read the Quran or interested in learning more about Quran, this lecture provides the perfect platform for them. Another rarely translated word Al-Quran literally means “The Reading”. It answers through the verses of the Quran frequently asked questions and concerns people have, such as the purpose and function of Quran, and how this book should be approached and understood.

Book of Allah

A lecture explaining in detail the different attributes of
Delivered by Muhammad Shaikh in
New Jersey (USA) during one of his world tours.

After clarifying the existence, source, contents and the people of
the lecture moves towards an interactive question and answer session to clarify the audience even further.

A unique feature of this lecture (like all others by Muhammad Shaikh) is that, it is solely based on the Quranic verses,
which makes it easy for the students to,
a) know that it is The Truth coming from GOD,
b) the verification of what is being delivered in
the lecture is done through the Arabic of the Quranic text.

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