Umrah and Hajj

Hajj and Umrah are part of Islamic religious practice of all Muslims. It is a journey in which every participating Muslim goes to Mecca and visits Masjid al-Haram where the Kaaba is situated. The other places to visit during this journey includes what are known as places of solitude which includes the places of Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah besides Mecca. The rites of Hajj requires observing all the rules mentioned in the Quran during hajj, and the purpose of Hajj, (which literally means “the argument”) is for every believer in this journey to argue against his / her soul / self according to the verses of Allah to bring about a positive change in their character and personality and overcome their weaknesses. The weaknesses in personalities are rooted in the self carved idols based on human emotions, which are exposed by God through Ibraheem (p) from the Quran. Therefore the breaking of these personal idols (ruling our psyche) is part of the Sunnah / practice of Ibraheem (p) and all the prophets, which must be accomplished to be free from polytheism that Allah will not forgive. Visiting al-Aqsa mosque located in Madinah during this journey is also part of the sunnah / practice of the prophets and is performed by all Muslims during this time.

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