Debate: Muhammad Shaikh vs Mufti Abdul Baqi (Urdu)

An epic debate for the ages. Mohammad Shaikh has delivered many lectures based solely on the Quranic ayats which have been received positively and negatively in religious circles around the world.From time to time some of the viewers (who are also well known religious scholars) bring their questions and objections to Mohammad Shaikh in order to debate him.This is one of those rare debates captured on video between Mohammad Shaikh and Mufti Abdul Baqi in an open topic debate format, covering many issues.This debate will show you the some of the wrong concepts which have become part of our religion, and how they are being falsely promoted by traditional scholars as truth (without verification from the Quran).This debate will surely open the viewers eyes to details about Islam that is mostly overlooked, and which end up creating false practices and beliefs adopted by the masses in ignorance

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