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Masajid / Mosques

Masaajid / Mosques are places of worship for Muslims where they pray in congregations, and the literal meaning of the Arabic word “Masjid” / mosque is “a place of prostration.” Part of the format of Muslim prayer includes phsyical and psychological prostration to the verses of the Quran which are recited during the prayer. This lectures focuses on the Masaajid / Mosques and more specifically three masaajid / mosques mentioned in the Quran, namely Masjid al-Haram / The Sacred Mosque, Masjid al-Aqsa / The Remotest (in time) Mosque and Masjid al-Dirrar / The Harmful Mosque. It describes what can be found in these three mosques, where they are located and how, why and by whom were they established. Definitely a must see!

Al-Kitab / The Book of Allah 2020

For any one starting to read the Quran or interested in learning more about Quran, this lecture provides the perfect platform for them. Another rarely translated word Al-Quran literally means “The Reading”. It answers through the verses of the Quran frequently asked questions and concerns people have, such as the purpose and function of Quran, and how this book should be approached and understood.

Book of Allah

A lecture explaining in detail the different attributes of
Delivered by Muhammad Shaikh in
New Jersey (USA) during one of his world tours.

After clarifying the existence, source, contents and the people of
the lecture moves towards an interactive question and answer session to clarify the audience even further.

A unique feature of this lecture (like all others by Muhammad Shaikh) is that, it is solely based on the Quranic verses,
which makes it easy for the students to,
a) know that it is The Truth coming from GOD,
b) the verification of what is being delivered in
the lecture is done through the Arabic of the Quranic text.

Muhammad Shaikh on Islam, Hinduism and Christianity

There are many books in the world and many people claim that these are from God, they say these are books sent by God. The only criteria we need to evaluate for this claim, is the internal evidence from within the book. This discussion throws some light on this subject, while comprising Quran and #bible.

This comparison isn’t complete until see study the common personalities between Quran and bible, so this talk will highlight verses from both these books for the listener to judge between them, accept or reject one of them. Mary pbuh and Jesus pbuh are mentioned in Quran as well as bible, lets see these personalities based on Quran and bible and then decide which one to belief and follow.

God Himself is talking to mankind in the Quran, bible is claiming to be doing the same, but is that the case?

Evolution of mankind is presented as a theory, not a fact. This talk evaluates the ground of Darwin’s theory of evolution, will it remain a theory or will it turn into a fact.

Urdu Masajid

Masjid ke bare mein ye jante hein ke ye musalmano ki Ebadat Gah hai jahan musalman ijtemai taur par Namaz qaim karte hein. Masjid ke lafzi mane sajda karne ki jagah hai. Iss dars mein sirf masajid ke baare mein tafseel se bayan kya gaya hai balke teen makhsoos masajid jinko Allah ne Quran mein bayan kiya hai yani Masjide Haram, Masjide Aqsa aur Masjide Zarar jo har zamane mein maujood hein unn ki bhi wazahat aur nishan dahi ki gai hai. Quran se Masjid ke nazarye ki mazeed wazahat ke liye ye dars daikhna lazmi hai.

Urdu Jabl-e-Noor

Isi wajah se dunya ke bohat se insani mazahib mein paharon ko bohat ahmiyat hasil hai jis ke peechey ye tasweer mojood hai ke shayad pahar par charh kar Allah se baat cheet ki jasakti hai aur iss ka qurb hasil ho sakta hai – Iss dars mein na sirf mukhtalif tarha ke paharon ki hiyat aur inn ke mukhtalif rangon ki aqsaam ka zikr kiya gaya hai aur ye bhi bataya gaya hai ke kaun se makhsoos pahar mukhtalif mazahib mein ahmiyat ka darja rakhte hein balke ye bhi wazahat ki gai hai ke Quran mein Allah ne aik khas pahar ka bhi zikr kiya hai jo aik Rasool ki shakhsiyat ke waqia ke saath munsalik hai. Ye pahar Jabl e Noor / Roshni ke pahar ke naam se jana jata hai aur isi pahar par Ghar e Hira bhi hai. Quran ki ayaat ke mutabiq ye pahar kiya ahmiyat rakhta hai aur iski makaniyat kahan hai aur iss ka sahi tasawur aur nazarya kya hai iske liye dars dekhna lazmi hai.

Urdu Essa Ibn-e-Maryam

This lecture tackles a topic that has been subject to the greatest amount of confusion, ambiguity and suspicion in Judeo-Christian religion which has also crept into the mainstream Islamic faith. The lecture once and for all clears the misconceptions prevailing regarding the birth, life and family of Essa/Jesus (pbuh), his death and also the purported “Coming of Christ.” A must-watch lecture for Muslims and Christians alike.

Witr Dua – 2016 by Mohammad Shaikh

These are truly one of the most heartfelt moments during Ramadan, when Brother Mohammad Shaikh leads the Witar prayer after the finishing of the Quran. It includes the recitation of Dua / calls from the Quran which encompass all the feelings of an individual leading his life and struggling in the cause of Allah/God. Anyone who is blessed to have been part of these prayers can tell you the power of these duas/calls when recited by Brother Mohammad Shaikh totally immersed in these Quranic verses with complete feelings, and how it manages to touch the soul/self/psyche of anyone present there. These recorded witar prayer video is a must watch especially during Ramadan to get oneself in the right frame of mind and heart to receive guidance from God.