Muhammad Shaikh on Islam, Hinduism and Christianity

There are many books in the world and many people claim that these are from God, they say these are books sent by God. The only criteria we need to evaluate for this claim, is the internal evidence from within the book. This discussion throws some light on this subject, while comprising Quran and #bible.

This comparison isn’t complete until see study the common personalities between Quran and bible, so this talk will highlight verses from both these books for the listener to judge between them, accept or reject one of them. Mary pbuh and Jesus pbuh are mentioned in Quran as well as bible, lets see these personalities based on Quran and bible and then decide which one to belief and follow.

God Himself is talking to mankind in the Quran, bible is claiming to be doing the same, but is that the case?

Evolution of mankind is presented as a theory, not a fact. This talk evaluates the ground of Darwin’s theory of evolution, will it remain a theory or will it turn into a fact.

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