Urdu Mohammad Shaikh ka Ismaili doctor se mukalma

This is one of the earlier discussions of Mohammad Shaikh from 1989 where he is hosting a doctor who belonged to a particular religious sect known as the Ismailis. This sect (like others in traditional Islamic communities) also accepts Quran as an authority.  The viewers are recommended to watch this discussion in conjunction with others released years later in 2013 and they will note the message that Mohammad Shaikh has been delivering remains unchanged.  As part of the Sunnah / Practice of Allah sending messengers in all times, Mohammad Shaikh follows their example in teaching people about THE BOOK and its singularity in all times by RECITING the ayats / verses of the Quran, and providing justification for the right concepts and removing the misconceptions people hold about THE BOOK of Allah. The discussion, touches upon how the Book of Allah (Quran) has remained singular and unchanged in all times, and also answers to those who doubt the existence of God. When viewed with the lectures Mohammad Shaikh has delivered on these topics, and also with more recent discussions (available online), it will provide unwavering and authoritative evidence about what is being taught, and the cause for which Mohammad Shaikh has dedicated his life.

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