A lecture of great importance, one which tackles the issue of Hadees (Events) from the Quranic perspective, as it is a factor that plays an important part in the Muslim belief. This lecture describes two kinds of Events (dealing with messengers, other events in the past, present and future, etc), account of one which is given by man, and the other which is the account of events according to God. At the end of the lecture the viewers will be faced with the obvious and undeniable truth about what are the Hadees / Events we as Muslims are suppose to believe in.Hadith

The Wisdom

In this lecture Al-Hikmah / The Wisdom is described in detail which the Muslim community associate with only Mohammed (pbuh), while according to the Quran Al- Hikmah / The Wisdom was given to all the prophets, and Muhammed (pbuh) Seal of the Prophets confirms it in the Quran. Additionally, the lecture points out in detail how to identify the verses of Al-Hikmah, which are to be found only in the Quran and which deal with the “Dos and Dont’s” related only to the moral sense of mankind (for which we have a natural understanding regardless of our background).

Sunnah – Practice

This is a lecture that talks about the? Sunnat / Practice? a word which is normally linked to the messenger of God; however the lecture highlights this word which in Quran is used with Allah/God and also people through time. Sunatullah, describes the practice of Allah which is unchanging through time and the practices of humanity, which also does not change in principle through time.

Holy Ghost – Spirit

This lecture tackles very important issues that concern the Muslim community searching for the Truth from Allah. Although everyone agrees to the Quran as the irrefutable truth form Allah, there are many people who have difficulty understanding the essence of the message contained in the Quran. This lecture describes what is Ar-Rooh / The Spirit / The Essence, how all human beings of all backgrounds have this Rooh / Spirit / Essence within them, how its inspired by Allah through the Quran to a human being, through whom its transferred to the rest of mankind, and most importantly, how mankind is able to determine that the essence being passed on is really The Truth from Allah and not some incorrect interpretation of the Quran misconceived by a human.


This is a highly important lecture and a must-watch for seekers of truth, who are confused by contradictory information prevalent among the scholars of The Book. This lecture identifies the language of the revelation (which is with Arabic) and also points out the mischievous people who mistranslate Arabic words in the Quran to forcefully fit their desires in The Book. This lecture should be watched in conjunction with “What Al-Quran Says about Ar-Rooh / The Spirit / The Essence” for a complete understanding of the purpose of Arabic (the language of revelation) and how that has remained the same and how the essence is transferred with the clear Arabic language into the languages of people.

Zaboor – Psalms

This is a lecture that elaborates on previous lectures given on the topics “What Al-Quran says about Al-Kitab / The Book,” “What Al-Quran says about At-Taurah / The Law and Al-Injeel / The good News,” “What Al-Quran says about Kitab-e-Moosa / Book of Moses (pbuh)” and “What Al-Quran says about Al-Quran / The Reading.” Generally in the Muslim community these Arabic words “Alwah / Tablets,” “Suhuf / Pages,” “Zaboor / Pieces” (mentioned in the Quran) are related to revelations previously given to mankind before Quran, hence implying Quran as a later revelation (like an updated incorruptible version as the previous revelations were lost or had been corrupted by mankind) given to Arabs in history only1400 years ago. This lecture fully describes with irrefutable evidence from the Quranic verses as to what are Alwah / Tablets, Suhuf / Pages, Zaboor / Pieces mentioned in the Quran and where can they be found, further establishing the truth of the previous lectures given in this series (mentioned above). Needless to say this lecture should be watched in conjunction with the lectures mentioned.

Hidayah – Guidance

This lecture is one of the most important lecture to find out that we as mankind has a natural tendency to seek guidance. There is not a religious book in the world that says it guides you to a straight path except only the Book of Allah, Al-Qur’an. Since He is our Creator so He must provide the provision as other provisions are provided for us as how to govern ourselves / the most complex human psyche. And yet people are seeking guidance from those books.

The Vision of Ibraheem pbuh

An important exposition from the Quran on the relationship of Ibraheem (pbuh) and his son Ismail (pbuh) in relation to the dream that Ibrahim (pbuh) saw in which he sacrifices Ismail (pbuh). In this lecture many misconceptions that have crept into the general Muslim ummah from the Christian religion are highlighted and the truth established from the Quran as to the significance of the Vision of Ibraheem (pbuh) for all Muslims.

The Book of Moses pbuh

It is generally understood that Torah was the name of the book that God gave to Moses (pbuh). However, in this exposition through the verses of the Quran, the status of Moses is clarified and also what Book was given to him. It will come as a complete surprise to many that nowhere in the Quran does it say that Moses was given the Torah, and this enlightening lecture will describe in detail what Moses received.

Maryam / Mary (pbuh)

Mary / Maryam (pbuh), from whom Jesus / Essa (pbuh) was born, is subject to the greatest false charge which mankind has been placing on God by associating her as Gods pair with whom God supposedly begets Essa / Jesus (pbuh), and consequently Essa / Jesus (pbuh) is falsely promoted as son of God by the Christians. This misconception is not only completely and angrily rejected by God in the Quran as the greatest false charge, but God also explains how Essa / Jesus (pbuh) was born ONLY from Mary / Maryam (pbuh) as she was born with the biological capacity of both a male and a female within her (or a DUAL SEX), which is commonly known in the medical community as a HERMAPHRODITE. This lecture provides irrefutable evidence from the Quran of Mary / Maryams (pbuh) gender as a hermaphrodite / Dual Sex and birth of Jesus by the “order” of Allah as an original creation (of self-generation) that can never be repeated, and existence of their progeny / offspring in the world today. This lecture should be watched in conjunction with “What Al-Quran says about Essa Ibne Maryam / Jesus Son of Mary”.

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