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Riba – The Increase (2011)

For any Muslim who face a dilemma when dealing with interest from the banking system, and whether it is permissible or not, this lecture finally and very conclusively clarifies the concept of Riba / increase, which has been erroneously promoted and mistranslated / interpreted through time as the interest transaction of the banking system. A lecture that should be watched in conjunction with the sadqa and zakah lecture for a fuller and detailed comprehension of the concept of Riba / increase which Allah has prohibited (made haram).

Urdu Mian aur Biwi ke taluqat

A lecture that is a must see for any one who is married or is about to begin a matrimonial life. This lecture describes from the Quran, the role of a believing woman as a wife and believing man as a husband, what limitations they have to abide by, how to maintain a healthy marriage from physical and psychological point of view and ultimately how to handle or protect the relationship from slow disintegration.

Urdu Nafsiyati Zakhmon Ki Tasalli

As human beings we are psychologically hurt during the course of our lives in three ways- by actions of others, by our own actions and by acts of God. This lectures highlights these three ways in which we are all hurt in our lives and how we can overcome those psychological hurts with the guidance of Allah provided in the Quran so our SOULS / SELF / PSYCHE can reach the STATE OF SATISFACTION described in the quran.

Urdu Sirat-e-Mustaqeem

This lecture points out and highlights the correct definition of the “Straight Path” which Muslims ask for 5 times a day in their prayers, and which all mankind in general are seeking in their own varying ways, hoping to get near God, but which can only be found within the Quran through examples of those were on the straight Path. As the lecture progresses the viewers will be able to understand what the straight path is and also who were on it as per the Quran, and what we have to do so we can be on it without any doubts.

Urdu Taurah aur Injeel 2011

A lecture that should be watched in conjunction with the lecture on Al-Kitab / The Book, this lecture answers some of the basic questions about the status of At-Taurah & Al-Injeel (mentioned in Al-Kitab / The Book). At-Taurah & Al-Injeel are commonly misrepresented and misidentified as those books which were given to Jews & Christians but which were corrupted through time. In reality this could not be further from the Truth and this lecture presents the truth about At-Taurah & Al-Injeel, and also about its recipients.

Urdu Imam / Leader 2013

Human beings are always seeking someone (as a leader) to provide guidance and lead them in their lives, or they want to get that status to lead others. The word “Imam” in the Muslim community is commonly understood as someone who leads the prayer, but it has a more inclusive meaning in the Quran. Generally in the Quran, “Imam” is referred to anyone who is a leader and a guide to various categories of people (who are also mentioned in the Quran and highlighted in this lecture). It will point out who are the Imams/Leaders that are righteous and leading people in the ways of Allah, how an Imam / Leader is made and also how there are Imams / Leaders among the Mushriks / Idolators and Kuffars / Rejectors. Most Muslims don’t know that Imam is also used with Pharoah and enemies of God, who are guiding and leading people towards darkness. This lecture will help the viewer understand and find out how do we identify who are the Imams / Leaders for Allah.

Urdu God / Aalihah / Gods & Allah 2011

One of the most fundamental topics in which the viewer will learn not only about the many false gods of humanity, source of which is our own psyche, but also the one true God and His personality described by His prophet and messenger Ibrahim pbuh in Gods own Book The Quran. It also clears some biblical concepts that are wrongfully adopted by the Muslims in relation to this topic.

Urdu Mohammad Shaikh ka Pervezi perokaron se mukalma Toronto Canada

During a tour of North America (USA & Canada), Mohammad Shaikh had the opportunity to be invited as a guest speaker in public and private settings. This is a discussion recorded between Mohammad Shaikh and a sect who call themselves “Pervaizi Muslims” in a private setting on topics that Mohammad Shaikh had delivered over 25 years. These topics range from the Singularity of Allahs’ Book in all times, Birth of Jesus & status of Mary (pbut) to the location and status of Masjid-al-Aqsa according to the Quran and many more, all of which will be surprising to people who have not had the opportunity to read the Quran in depth with translation, ponderance and guidance from Allah. Also, these discussion will act as an educational tool to Muslims in presenting the message of Allah without getting into unnecessary arguments, and with logical step by step exposition from the Quranic verses to establish the truth.

Mohammad Shaikh Encounters Ahmadi Muslims in Canada

In this video presentation, clips from Mohammad Shaikh’s lectures related to the life cycle of Jesus son of Mary (pbut) are shown, along with the main discussion with Ahmadi Muslims in Toronto Canada. The Ahmadi Muslims, who share similar views about death of Jesus with what is mentioned in the Quran, but have mixed their own contradictory concepts of prophet-hood, are seen here trying to represent those concepts during a question/answer session and in an aftersession. Mohammad Shaikh is also seen answering their questions, refuting their arguments and presenting the truth with evidence from the Quran.

Mohammad Shaikh casually speaking with American in Houston TX USA

In 2013 Mohammad Shaikh visited USA & Canada, and while he was in Houston TX he was invited as a guest by the founder of (which is a site for online translations and general research of Quran) to his home for a general discussion. Among the participant guests were American converts to Islam who had viewed some of Mohammad Shaikh’s lectures previously but had never met him personally. There were many topics discussed based on the lectures delivered by Mohammad Shaikh and publicly available online. Some of the topics included Jesus, and his miraculous birth mentioned AND explained in the Quran, language of revelation, husband and wife relations and many others. Viewers are advised to view the full lectures on these topics before or after seeing this discussion so they are able to fully grasp the understanding of the topics mentioned.