Freely Speaking with Canadians in Toronto Canada

Here is a discussion by Mohammad Shaikh from his trip to USA & Canada in 2013 recorded in an intimate gathering at a home in Toronto, Canada. The gathering comprised of local immigrant Muslims and invited local Christian guests with whom various topics were discussed. Whether you have seen Mohammad Shaikh’s lectures or not, this discussion highlights some of the most important topics on which he has delivered public lectures previously and is also available online. The topics for discussion are drawn from the general theme of the discussion, which is the singularity of Allah’s Book (Quran) in all times (past, present and future), and consequently its impact on traditional, historically based religious views held on by Muslim communities and related Judeo-Christian faith. Some of the topics include the identification and verification of the Book given to all the prophets and also the identification of Masjid Al-Aqsa and many other related topics.

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