Urdu Qatal-un-Nafs – Psychological Killing

As humans we are a combination of a physical body, a soul and self / psyche. The soul which itself is a combination of emotions and intellect, when combined together on any judgment becomes a “self” which then controls the body to act upon the decisions of the self. The killing of the psyche can be done in two ways. First when you physically kill someone it is ultimately the psyche that dies and the second way is to kill the psyche only. The killing of the psyche is what is described in this lecture and why and how to kill the psyche so that the self is able to attain peace. This is a must watch lecture in order to clarify the misconceptions about Qatal / killing.

2 thoughts on “Urdu Qatal-un-Nafs – Psychological Killing”

  1. After listening to this lecture I am amazed! psychologically killing of the wrong behaviours is essential in order to attain peace .

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